Special Classes at Smarty Paws


In addition to Smarty Paw's normal progression of classes, we currently offer two advanced classes for experienced agility teams who are looking to finesse their agility skills.  Please contact us if you are interested in attending. 

Beyond Masters - Please note, this class is currently not being offered.  Please check back later.

This ongoing class is geared to those who wish to continue their education in the ever-evolving sport of agility in order to compete at the highest levels.  This class is for students and instructors who have had significant experience in the sport and are in the process of refining skills or want to continually update their knowledge and training skills. 

Instructor:  Kim Line-Berget

WIly Man .jpg
  • Prerequisites: Permission or invite from instructor required.

  • Length: 8 Week Sessions

Verbals and Lines

This ongoing advanced class is for students who want to improve their game by focusing on two important aspects of the sport, understanding the lines we want the dog to take on course and what verbal cues to train and use to achieve those lines.  As agility has become more competitive and runs are won and lost by fractions of a second, a competitive edge is gained by understanding and applying this aspect of of the sport. 

Instructor:  Rosanne Lindholm
  • Prerequisites: Permission from instructor required.

  • Length: 8 Week Sessions