Rosanne Lindholm

Rosanne found agility in 1999.  Before then she started her journey in dog sports by training her rescue dog Boo in Obedience and Canine Frisbee.  After attending an agility trial as a spectator she knew she had to try it, signed up for a local class and has been hooked every since.  Rosanne believes the bond agility builds between person and canine is pure magic.  She also loves how the sport and training has grown over the years and is amazed that after 21 years it can still be so challenging and fun.

Rosanne has trained multiple dogs to competition level including three rescue Heinz 57's, a German Shepherd, a Belgian Sheepdog, a Border Collie, and a Border Collie/Belgian Sheepdog cross.  She currently trains and competes with her Belgian Tervuren CERN and young Border Collie Esme.  Her dogs have competed in almost every venue of agility and have earned multiple championship titles, top 10 placements, and life time achievement awards in addition to competing in numerous national events and the AKC Invitational. 


Rosanne is a geologist and worked in the oil industry for over 20 years.  Although born and raised in Menomonie, Wisconsin she lived most of her adult life in other areas. After retirement she returned to her home state and currently lives in Chippewa Falls.


Rosanne offers group classes, private lessons and mini-seminars and can be reached at rlind33083@aol.com.