Student Ring Rental
*Please Note the New Procedure*

Current students who have been approved and signed the Ring Rental Agreement can rent the arena when it is available.  To find available times, the student must first create a login on the ring calendar page (click box below).  Once you can access the calendar, you will be able to see when the arena is reserved for privates, classes and other rentals.  Any time not reserved is available for rental.  Please let your instructor know you have created the login so that your login ID can be added to the permissions list to view the calendar.

To reserve the ring, select the number of hours you desire by clicking on the blue buttons below.  The button will take you to a request form where you can enter the day/time desired and allow you to pay the rental fee online.  You will receive a confirmation email with the key box code for the building key within 24 hours.  Please reserve the time at least 24 hours in advance.

The cost of ring rental is:

$30 for 1 hour

$20 for 1/2 hour

If you have any questions, please contact Rosanne Lindholm at