Katy Forsythe

Katy has been competing in agility since 2006.  She has trained and competed with a Miniature American Shepherd, a Golden Retriever and a Vizsla.  She currently is training a Border Collie and a Sheltie.  Together she and her dogs have earned many titles including seven Master Agility Championships and four Preferred Agility Championships.  She has qualified for and competed in numerous AKC National Championships in addition to the AKC National Invitational.  While most of her competition history has been in AKC events, she has also competed with her dogs in USDAA, UKI, NADAC, CPE and ASCA venues.  Katy is also a certified AKC ACT evaluator.

In addition to teaching agility classes Katy continues to learn by attending classes at Smarty Paws and attending agility seminars.  She has had the opportunity to participate in seminars presented by many regionally and nationally known trainers in the agility world.  Katy sees this as a way to not only improve her skills, but also to gain knowledge that can be shared with her students and their dogs.  Katy loves to introduce new students to the sport of agility as well as helping more advanced students problem solve challenges in training and handling.


Katy offers instruction in group classes and private lessons.  She can be reached at katy.forsythe@gmail.com