Jodi Reetz

Jodi has been competing, training and teaching agility since 2004.  The journey began with her late Belgian Malinois, Tessa, and while the road with the “Wild Child” was long, the many challenges and achievements it presented made for a learning and bonding experience that will be forever cherished.  Her Aussie, Tallie, has Excellent titles in agility and even as a senior dog, Tallie runs courses for fun with all the excitement and joy that the sport is about.  The youngest member of the Reetz family is Rhyme, another Malinois, and she represents everything a true “Maligator” is meant to be.  This new adventure is off to a great start and they will no doubt have amazing experiences together.


She has assisted in teaching agility classes at many different skill levels and with several instructors for over seven years and is currently involved in the Foundation classes.


Jodi lives in Eau Claire with her husband, Josh, and daughters Jayce, Alexa and Harper.


Jodi offers private lessons and can be reached at jreetz1009@yahoo.com.