Advanced Classes at Smarty Paws


Upon completion of Agility Skills 1-4 or with permission of the instructor, we offer ongoing classes at the Novice, Intermediate and Master's level.  These classes are offered in eight week sessions.  Students can move to the higher level classes as their skills progress.


Novice Handling

This class is the next step after completion of Agility Skills 1 through 4.  Novice handling class will continue to build obstacle proficiency while at the same time progressing the handling techniques  used to direct the dog on an agility course. The dog and handler will run short sequences and novice level courses incorporating the skills they have learned so far.


Intermediate Handling

This class will focus on choosing appropriate handling options and strategies for you and your dog while improving your timely execution of cues.  This class will include skills and course work that are commonly found in Intermediate/Advanced courses from all agility venues.


Masters Handling

This class is meant for competition oriented agility teams. Dogs and handlers will run challenging courses typically seen in AKC Excellent level courses.  Advanced skills required to run AKC Premier and international style courses will also be trained and practiced in course work. This course will push you out of your comfort zone!


Verbals and Lines

This ongoing advanced class is for students who want to improve their game by focusing on two important aspects of the sport - understanding the lines we want the dog to take on course and what verbal cues to train that will help achieve those lines.  As agility has become more competitive and runs are won and lost by fractions of a second, a competitive edge can be gained by understanding and applying these advanced skills.